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Maximuscle Cyclone


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Maximuscle Cyclone


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Maximuscle Cyclone

  Maximuslce Cyclone all in one protein shake is available at lowest price in the UK at We offer free delivery on all of the top bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements to UK Mainland and the cheapest rates right across Europe! Check out our special offers page for huge discounts on the biggest brands!  

Maximuscle Cyclone

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Maximuscle’s Cyclone is a superb product that delivers results felt within seven days. It supplies your body with a unique combination of whey protein and vital nutrients needed by your body to support muscle growth, strength and recovery while training hard. After intense training, Cyclone accelerates muscle refuelling, with faster recovery of glycogen stores than carbohydrates alone.

No other formula on the market contains the potent combination of Biomax whey, creatine monohydrate, glutamine, Suma extract (Beta-Ecdysterone), along with patent pending creatine and glutamine absorption systems specially created to deliver optimum results in conjunction with your weight training regime.

Britain's No.1 selling 'all in one' muscle formula

Maximuscle’s Cyclone takes the confusion out of which products to take. Simply take 2 servings a day, one in the morning and one after training (or in the afternoon). The product has been specially designed to mix instantly with water without a blender, and comes in six great tasting flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint and Orange.

Lactose, a sugar found in milk is a known cause of wind and stomach discomfort. Biomax whey contains only the barest minimum making it suitable for lactose intolerant individuals. You also won’t find low grade proteins, such as casein or soya protein, allowing you to enjoy your gains without experiencing stomach upsets, wind or bloating.

Each daily serving provides 10g of glutamine and 10g of Maxpure creatine monohydrate, which research shows could increase muscle size and strength when combined with your weight training. Taken after intense training, Maximuscle’s Cyclone accelerates muscle refuelling with recovery of glycogen stores faster than carbohydrates alone. It also offers you 3000mg of HMBTM, which independent research has shown helps prevent muscle breakdown following weight training. To further aid your muscle growth you get nearly 50g of advanced Biomax whey protein and an extra 10g of glutamine per daily serving, and also Beta-Ecdysterone, which is a natural extract of Suma and Brazilian ginseng plant, as used by Eastern Bloc strength and power athletes. Maximuscle’s Cyclone is an excellent formula, with results felt within seven days.
Container Size: 1200g
Serving Size: 1.5 scoops (60g)
Servings Per Container: 20

Container Size: 2700g
Serving Size: 1.5 scoops (60g)
Servings Per Container: 45

Container Size: 1 Box
Serving Size: 1 Sachet (60g)
Servings Per Container: 8

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 230.4
Protein: 30g
Total Carbohydrates: 21g
Total Fat: 4.68g
(including MCTs & EFAs)
Glutamine: 4.1g
Creatine monohydrate: 5.1g
HMB (Enzymatic Metabolites of Leucine): 1.5g
Potassium Bicarbonate: 500mg
Sodium Bicarbonate: 500mg
Beta-Ecdysterone (97%): 40mg
Bioperine: 5mg
Chromium Polynicotinate: 200µg


Dextrose (33.2%), Biomax (27% A Maximuscle proprietary high quatity blend of Whey proteins isolates, hydrolysates, and Whey peptides) creatine monohydrate (8.5%), glutamine (8.5%), essential fatty acids from vegetable oil, cocoa powder in Cyclone chovolate, HMB (Enzymatic metabolite of leucine)(2.5%), MCT (medium chain triglyceride), guar gum, Flavouring: chocolate / strawberry / banana / vanilla depending on the flavour displayed on each tub, tricalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, colours, cochineal in Cyclone strawberry, beta-carotene and riboflavin in vanilla, riboflavin in banana, 97% beta-ecdysterone from suma, sweetener: sucralose, bioperine, chromium polynicotinate.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours
Mix 1.5 scoops (60g) of Maximuscle Cyclone with 350-400ml of water. Stir with a fork or mix in a Maximuscle shaker. Drink within 5 minutes. Take 3 scoops daily, 1.5 scoops in the morning and another 1.5 scoops after training or in the afternoon.
Reviews (130)

"this is the real deal. u pay the worth of your money, hence its expensive. but the best protein I have used since muscletech's nitrotech. gains size and strength in two months."

Posted by claudio  (27th April 2014)


"hello bought this wile it was on clearance ages ago and gota say yes it does work i did notice gains in size and strength but for the price there are better proteins out there"

Posted by Ashley Menton  (23rd August 2013)


"20 servings at 3 servings a day?? So this will last a week if you follow the instructions!!"

Posted by Alex Southgate  (22nd May 2013)


"so, from my experience, this works, you will get good strength gains. however... the price has gone through the roof, it was only £40 when i used this years ago. so at the price maximuscle are after i would have to say avoid im afraid."

Posted by pete  (19th May 2013)


"Over priced, vile tasting supplement.

You can buy all the separate ingredients that are mixed in this tub, mix them yourself and it will last you a lot longer that this will for £/per-Grams"

Posted by Elie Khalil  (14th October 2012)

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Q As there are creatine in cyclone and omni-mx, is there a loading stage for this products or would it be beneficial to do so? Maybe double the amount during first five days,just like other creatine monohydrate products?

Yes, I would take 2 servings per day for the first 5 days to load - especially after training on training days. Also, for maximum gains and recovery, ensure that you take some more carbs with these products after training - you want to aim for a minimum of 75 grams of carbs after training (there are several cheap carbohydrate powders available). I would strongly suggest that you read the article - - which is an excellent review of what you need to know about creatine to get best results.

Q Can Cyclone be used by women or is it designed just for men?

Ther are no ingredients that would be expected to have any negative effects in women, so if your goal is to gain muscle and strength and improve your recovery from exercise, by all means go ahead and use this product.

Q hello, I am 13 and a half stones and 179cm, my body is in top form except for my stomach, i have started to get some stretch marks on the sides. I am goign to the gym 3 times a week doing weights and aerobic training, how much aerobic training do i need to do if taking this product, and should i take this product when have stomach is a bit big; will it make me fatter if taking this product if i dont do enough aerobic training? should i buy a weight loss product first (how long would it take to get my stoach away if taking weight loss pills)? thank you

Cyclone is a good "lean gainer" all-in-one product that has only moderate levels of carbs, so keep taking it. Fat-Burners help decrease hunger and increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day, our two best are Xenadrine and Animal Cuts. Your last question is very general, so I will refer you to two articles - one on the best way to train for fat loss and the other on the best way to adjust your diet for fat loss (fat loss is 80% diet and only 20$% about training).

Q Hi, can I use cyclone and promax diet together?


Q Hi, I'm looking for a supplement that will increase my muscle mass while keeping my body fat down would cyclone be a good one to try? Ive read some reviews and it seems like an all in one product would probably best, is the right thinking? Or should i try for something different? Many Thanks

First of all, it is very difficult to gain muscle while burning fat. You have to be eating more calories than you burn to build muscle (unless you are just starting out or have been off your training for a while). So you need to decide, do you want to build muscle or lose fat? Most guys like to put on size this time of year and then get lean for holidays or in the summer. However, with an all-in-one product you can make some quick gains without gaining too much fat because they all contain creatine and high-quality protein (but beyond the quick gains, you'll have to EAT to gain more muscle). The only thing you have to decide upon is how many carbs you need. If you gain fat easily, try Nitro-Tech for the leanest gains (this product is a whey protein but it contains creatine and other ingredients to promote muscle gains) because it is lowest in carbs. Cyclone and Synergy Iso-7 are similar but Iso has fewer carbs and more protein (and tastes better). For maximum gains from an All-in-one, try Muscle Fuel Anabolic with the most protein, carbs and a good whack of creatine. All of these products have additional amino acids and other ingredients to support growth and recovery.

Q I have been told that cyclone will help but will make me look more bloated putting alot of water into the muscle is this so? also when i stop using it the effects, size and strength will go within a very short time size going within a week to two weeks?

Cyclone is a blend of a good dose of high-quality protein, moderate carbs and creatine, with a few other muscle-building ingredients. As such, it should be an excellend lean mass gainer. The only reason I can see that someone may have told you it will make you bloated is that it contains creatine. Over the years, some people have reported that creatine makes you bloated, or look soft or gives you cramps or is somehow unhealthy or dangerous. It has since been accepted by virtually all of the world's top sports scientists that this is not the case. Research now clearly shows the the benefits of creatine are increased strength and power and increased muscle mass - NOT water retention. For an interesting and informative review regarding the facts and myths about creatine, go onto "", click on "Articles" and then on "Feature Articles" and then on "The Real Facts About Creatine". As far as losing weight when you come off Cyclone, just make sure to take some kind of protein and creatine supplement consistently and you won't lose any mass (as stated in the article referenced above, you don't have to cycle off creatine).

Q i used cyclone for two months now,i'm really happy.i have gain enough of muscle.But i had a chat with one friend of mine and he said that USN Muscle fuel anabolic is more what do you recommend between this 2 products?

If you have a fast metabolism, have trouble gaining weight or are a younger guy or don't eat enough, then the MF Anabolic is a better choice as it has more calories. Cyclone is more for lean gains.

Q is it anygood consuming 2 scoops of maximuscle cyclone, post workout to experience muscle gains ?

Cyclone is good for lean mass gains. If you have difficulty gaining, then use something with more calories like Muscle Fuel Anabolic, Mass-Tech or Mutant Mass (add creatine to this last one).

Q Question. Creatine Mono (which this contains) is 10g per day even safe? each serving it suggests contains 5.1g of the stuff. you will take one before one after training i assume.. surely 10g in a day that you train, along with creatine from food is "too much"? also will it or can it be linked to causing "spots"

Creatine has over 3000 scientific studies on it and has been the subject of several safety reviews. All of which concluded that there is no good evidence of side effects. 10 grams of creatine daily is not a safety concern and you only get a tiny amount (about 1 gram) per day from food.

Q what is maltodextrin as it is in protien gainers and no drinks what does it actualy do

Maltodextrin is a form of starch derived from corn. Starch is made up of long chains of sugars (as are all carbohydrates). Most maltodextrin is absorbed quickly and spikes blood sugar just like eating sugar. However, the good weight gainer products also contain other carbs sources, fibre and healthy fat ingredients to slow down absorption and so are easier on the gut and healthier. Maltodextrin is a great post-workout carb and combining it with protein and creatine helps to increase the retention of these nutrients in the muscle.

Q would this work if i were to take once a day after training?

It would likely take longer to see results but you'd still see results (but less dramatic). You may want to at least take 2 servings daily for the first 7 days or so to "load" and then cut it back to 1 per day to maintain. Ensure to take it at least once daily or you aren't likely to get good results though.

Q Can i take cyclone with test boosters?

Yes, you can do.

Q Can I use other supplements while taking cyclone like cla, nitro or extra Creatine?

If you're taking two servings of Cyclone a day, additional creatine will not improve results, unless you use it for the first five days as a 'loading phase'. And yes, Nitro is an excellent essential amino acid product. And CLA is fine to take to avoid excess fat gain and help contribute to muscle gains.

Q Does it help taking this in say 3 intervals (3 single-scoop doses) rather than the two recommended? I've heard that protein delivered intermittently (6 separate doses a day) works better than in only 2 goes. Is this true?

Your post-workout dose should always be a full serving. Also, having the full dose can increase insulin levels more which results in better protein and creatine storage / utilization, so you may be better off just taking full servings.

Q Hi I have not done any physical sports in a long time and I just started Kick boxing. I want to get more energy, quick recovery and strength which is very important to me. Is cyclone the best option or prograin ? Thanks

Cyclone is like an all in one lean gainer, where as Progain has a lot more calories inside which can aid your recovery well. Both products are designed to increase muscle mass but also aid recovery. You'd be well suited choosing either product.

Q Hi i am thinking of stacking this with one serving of progain, and three servings of Appied nutrition nutri whey along with a high protein diet, would this be too much supplements?

No, that is a good combination for adding quality muscle

Q Hi im 6ft and only 60kg, im looking to gain wieght and just "bulk up" in general, what would you reccomend?

For hard gainers we normally recommend a calorie filled protein shake such as Mutant Mass by PVL or USN's Hyperbolic mass as they normally need the amount of calories contained inside due to their very efficient metabolism.

Q Hi sorry for the dumb soundin question but i am looking to get stronger but also stay looking good and have well defined biceps and abs and not just strong, if i take cyclone will i put weight on in a way that it limits how you look? Thanks

Over a period of 6+ weeks you may start to see an increase of body fat if your goal is to build muscle. You need to exceed your daily intake of calories in order for this to happen. If you are not doing so then body fat gains will not be made but nor will a real increase in strength either. Lean physiques are not made to be as strong as someone who eats alot more calories and has larger amounts of body-fat.

Q Hi, I have an underactive thyroid and as such need to avoid soya. This information for this product is a little confusing as it says it doesnt contain low grade protein like soya but then on the pack it says 'contains soya'. How much soya is in this? Thanks!

Hi, The soya content of Maximuscle Cyclone is derived from soya lecithin - an emulsifier, to prevent the separation of ingredients. Ingredients are listed in order of quantity (greatest first), and said ingredient is listed as third, though it being a constituent of the protein isolate blend. I would imagine the amount of soya lecithin is slight, and probably unlikely to create any impact on endocrine imbalance. If you require further clarification, however, you may choose to contact Maximuscle directly. They can be reached via this link: I hope the above information assists in answering your query.

Q Hi, ive been using No-xplode and cellmass for 4 weeks now and seen good results but im 5'10, 75kg, i dont want to put weight on but im not getting enough protein in my diet. i was thinking of having cellmass in the morning and cyclone after training. what would you suggest? ps. my aim is to get more defined Thanks, Phil

Cyclone would be fine but you should also have quality protein in the morning and throughout the day. So either have Cyclone twice daily (AM and post-wokout) or go with a low-carb, low-fat protein like PhD Pharma Whey, Pure Protein IGF-1 or Nitro-Tech (this last one is probably the most effective but also the most expensive).

Q Hi, i am currently taking N.O.-xplode with creatine and wanted move to an all in one and increase my protein. Can t take Maximuscle cyclone with N.O.xplode or Nitric and do you think this combination is ok.

This combination is good yes and you can combine cyclone and either of the pre-workouts you have mentioned to cover the bases of a solid supplemental regime.

Q I really rate omni mx haven't used cyclone do you think it's a better all in one than omni? I think the contents of omni look better whats your view?

They are very similar in formula however the Omni-Mx contains a gradual release system of proteins ranging from slow releasing to rapid releasing ensuring that there are consistantly a steady stream of amino acids in the blood, however Cyclone contains whey isolates, hydrolysed whey and whey peptides which are all digested very quickly. The difference between the two products are very minimal however and both would illicit the same response which would be lean muscle gain given that your diet and training are in place.

Q I train four times a week, do i need to take two helpings of cyclone on my non training days, or would promax be ok

This all depends on your goals. If you are trying to increase muscle mass then 2 serving of cyclone a day will help with the development of muscle growth providing your daily intake of calories is exceeding your calorie burning rate. If you are trying to maintain your current weight or even diet down then you could take 1 serving a day and combine this with Promax or even replace it with promax, but would recommend Promax extreme as this contains creatine. On training days consume one serving immediately after exercise. On non-training days consume any time of the day in-between meals. Please refer to manufactures direction's of use for further information.

Q I'm 15 years old and I'm looking to build up in size and muscle, would this product be safe for me to use.

As an adolescent, your body is still growing and developing; I would therefore advocate making changes to your eating habits (if applicable), by ensuring that you are including healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats in your diet. In order to meet the demands of your current activity levels, I would recommend USN Muscle Fuel STS 2kg, £35.99 which can be a useful dietary supplement for active teenagers. At the age you are, it is more sensible to aim to 'grow into your body', i.e. don't push your body to gain mass; rather, focus on cultivating a lean, toned and healthy physique.

Q im a footballer who is looking to progress in his strength and size? what is the best supplement to use?

Any all in one product like this, other alternatives are Muscle Fuel anabolic by USN and Synergy ISO-7 from Phd.

Q Is it necessary to take Maximuscle Cyclone everyday, even on non-training days? Thanks.

For best results you have to take at least one serving per day. However, it is certainly better to take it just on training days (after training) than not to take it at all.

Q Is this a suitable product for women?

Yeah suitable for both sexes.

Q ive used this product when i was 16, got good gains and grew in size (Wider) and taller 2inches from just push ups. took it again at age 17 (2 weeks ago) and grew 3 inches; im now 6'3 and 13 stone. my question is, what is in this that has been having this effect on me? also what does HMB stand for?

We can assure you there is nothing in this product that with have an effect on your height. At 16 you gained 2 inches and 17 you gained 3 inches in hight and this is simply down to you body still developing and (growing) on its own accord. Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate (HMB) is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine and is synthesized in the human body.

Q The recommended usage says 3 scoops a day, which provides 60g protein. But then it's widely said (including maximuscle's own website) that a 60kg man (like me) needs 120g protein. Why the contradiction? If I increase the dosage will I see more benefit, or will I simply be wasting the powder?

I wouldn't look at it as a contradiction as your daily protein requirements also needs to come from solid food sources as well as supplements. Most people's diets (from food) contain at least 60 grams of protein, so with the additional Cyclone, you will almost certainly meet your requirements. Please refer to the product label on directions of use for this product.

Q This product shows "20% Free"... Is it the branded discount tub, 1.2KG plus 20% of free product, or are you saying its 1.2Kg with a 20% financial saving?

It's a 1440g tub instead of a 1200g.

Q Which is better, an all in one supplement like this? OR A protein powder (e.g. nutri-whey) taken in conjunction with both pre and post workout formulas? This product contains HMB, a supplement which no other product seems to contain. Is HMB that important?

THis depends upon your goals and what pre and post products you are using and if you are also using them on "off" days (as some suggest on the label). Whey provides for you protein needs whilst the All-in-One has other important performance enhancers. HMB has numerous studies showing that it can improve strength and muscle mass. It's probably not quite as important as things like creatine and various amino acids, etc.

Q why the same cyclone is £45 in maximuscle official website? is it because the quality is better?

The quality is the same as its the same product. It is just we are the official distributor for maximuscle and many other brands, we offer a set 20% off all brands on their full RRP.

Q will you put fat on taking cyclone im worried about this as there seems to be a lot of sugar in the serving

This depends on your current physique and fitness level; the rest of your diet and training regime. If you are concerned about the carbohydrate content, you may wish to try an alternative (with carbs. forming a more moderate constituent), such as Reflex One Stop 2.1kg, £35.99.

Q Is creatine legal in sports such as swimming?

Yes, creatine is not classed as a banned substance. It works by delaying the onset of muscular fatigue. If you require further clarification on this, however, it is recommended that you seek the approval of the associated governing body. 

Q Is there anything in cyclone to effect cholesterol or blood pressure

  It is unlikely so - at least, not without taking other lifestyle factors into account. If, however, you have any concerns pertaining to your health and/or your diet, it is advisable that you speak with your GP/healthcare practitioner, who can advise accordingly. 

Q When do you expect to get the 2.7kg tub back in stock?

This product is now back in stock; we advise regularly checking our website to view when a particular item is available again.

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