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    USN Diet Fuel RTD

    Size: 8 - RTDs

    A high protein, reduced carbohydrate, fat free drink. The 330ml bottle comes in two great tasting flavours: strawberry and chocolate. A delicious tasting ready to drink shake that includes 27.4 grams of protein in the strawberry variant and 26.4g in the chocolate variant, it is great for before,…

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    USN Protein Fuel 25

    Size: 8 rtds

    USN is proud to announce the arrival of USN Protein Fuel 25. Protein Fuel 25 is a high protein, reduced carb, low fat drink. It is delicious milk-based protein shake, ideal for during or after your workout. Protein offers support for high intensity resistance exercise, assisting in the building of…

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    USN Protein Fuel 50

    Size: 6x500ml

    High protein ready to drink offering support for high intensity resistance exercise and assisting in the building of muscle mass and strength through muscle protein synthesis; whilst containing 10.6g BCAA’s, 50g Protein and 20g Carbohydrates. USN’s Ready to drink Protein Fuel 50 is…

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    USN Trust RTD

    Size: 6x500ml

    USN's TRUST is a Ready To Drink (RTD) high in protein, low in carbohydrate and a Lactose free meal replacement shake. It comes in a pack of 6 x 500ml bottles, perfect for anyone looking for a super tasty, convenient protein shake on the go. Available in two delicious flavours; Chocolate…