Here are a few tips from sports nutritionist and brand ambassador for Kinetica Sports Matt Lovell, these should help keep any footballer on the straight and narrow in warmer climates.

Kinetica Matt Lovell

1. Hydration and salts – higher temperatures mean our boys will have to be on top of their hydration to avoid cramping and fatigue.

2. Smoothies provide a great source of nutrition, protein, berry fruits and Brazil is home to fresh Acai a great source of nutrition.

3. Planning head. Being on tour can be boring at times, avoid the temptations to over eat and eat the wrong foods. Regular body composition measurements will help the boys stay on track and not get too out of shape whilst on tour.

4. Special supplements, I’m sure the lads will be taking some natural supplements to help their strength, power and lactate buffering. Without these key supplements we’d be at a performance disadvantage. Italy are known for their novel approach to sports supplementation using natural ingredients in concentrated amounts to help the boys win the cup!

5. Anti-inflammatory strategies will be key to be in full fettle for each critical match. Ice baths and cryotherapy will probably being used like rugby players do. Extra oily fish, spices, herbs, plenty of brightly coloured vegetables and fruits all help lower inflammation in the body and can facilitate quicker recovery when compared with standard pasta and chicken options. The players will be all over an anti-inflammatory diet.

6. Immune system will be key. In a close environment what you can’t have is the spread of a stomach buy or colds or flu. Taking high dose probiotics and having an immune boosting selection of nutrients will be the backbone of keeping our players healthy and well during the campaign.

7. Sleep will be massively important. The hotter climate will mean air conditioning will need to be working properly and players may need to use things like magnesium to help them get the deep restful sleep they will need. Ideally you’d be looking at 8-10 hours with hard training. I often recommend a siesta and Brazil is set up culturally to allow this to happen. I wish England was the same. Each time you fall asleep you release some growth hormone – 2 sleeps 2 sets of GH! Taking certain amino acids before these sleeps really enhances this effect so I’m sure they’ll be all over that.

Come on England!!!!”