Acti-Snack, a supercharged range of natural dried fruit, nut & seeds which combines health, nutrition and taste to help you meet your sports nutritional objectives, carbs for fuel, protein for recovery or a balance of proteins, fats & carbs for endurance.

A natural alternative to its synthetic counterparts, each Acti-Snack product is gluten free, and free from artificial additives and preservatives making it the ideal snack for Coeliac’s or those following a ‘Free-From’ diet. Each product has also undergone nutritional profiling and health claims verified against the EU health claims register.

Acti-Snack is an on-the-go snack to keep you going before, during or after sports. With a range of pack sizes available, Acti-Snack is perfect for your gym bag, running belt or saddle packs.

Acti-Snack Power Packs: Ideal for decanting in to portion packs, top breakfast cereals or porridge for a supercharged breakfast or enjoy as a handy snack straight from the pack for a power boost.

Acti-Snack Multi Packs: A convenient solution for time-strapped snackers - each box contains 5 energy boosting packs for energy on the go.

Acti-Snack Impulse Packs: Ideal for when you are out and about! An easy-open slim-line pack containing a single portion for your convenience.

Acti-Snack also makes a mouth-watering, nutritious, any time snack, and is perfect for keeping in your desk drawer, stashing in your car or holding in your handbag to keep you full throughout the day and keep hunger cravings at bay!

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