You’d be Nuts Not to Eat Nuts!

It wasn’t that long ago that most health messages about nuts and seeds were negative. ‘They have too much fat and too many calories’ they’d say. This used to be based upon the simplistic and flawed idea that low-fat diets are best for weight loss. So nuts became an innocent victim of the antiquated low-fat diet brigade. Because a small handful of peanuts, almonds and other nuts can top 150 calories, very few people on a diet were willing to touch them with a barge pole. But this is just another example of simplistic thinking because, if anything, eating nuts is associated with weight loss! That’s right...studies show that people who eat nuts are actually leaner than those who don’t. Also, studies show that adding nuts to a person’s diet doesn’t cause weight gain, it causes better compliance with the diet and moderate weight loss!

The reasons for this are many: 

1) Nuts cause a greater feeling of fullness than most other foods, leading to less food intake.

2) They seem to have a slight metabolism-elevating effect. 

3) Much of the energy from nuts is not absorbed well by the gut and so is not available to the body to be stored as fat.

4) They donít cause a big insulin spike like starchy carbs and sugars. 

As an added bonus, nuts contain very large amounts of healthy fibres, nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, some scientists have compared the health properties of nuts to broccoli and tomatoes. So I’m not saying that you should be gorging on nuts 24 hours a day but a few handfuls of nuts instead of a high-carb snack is probably a good idea that will benefit both your health and your waistline. So the Tropicana Fitness Team are encouraged to eat nuts and nut butters as part of their lean muscle-gaining plan.