Look out for NEW Brainwave, the Braintenance Drink™, one of our latest product arrivals! This innovative soft drink is called such due to its unique blend of ingredients, designed to help increase mental focus whilst supporting well-being, without featuring an overload of stimulants or other, chemical ‘nasties’!

Brainwave is fortified with green tea extracts, providing a natural source of caffeine. This can help you feel more energised, but minus the jitters, irritability and other symptoms that large doses of caffeine can sometimes induce. It’s also a rich source of EGCG – a compound found naturally in green tea that is said to help protect against oxidative damage, and maintain a healthy immune and cardiovascular system.

Flavoured naturally and subtly with pineapple, mango and jasmine extracts, and with just 30 calories per serving, Brainwave is a deliciously refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed at any time of day! Purchase a multipack of 8 x 330ml RTDs by clicking on the Brands tab, followed by Brainwave.

As an added bonus, Brainwave pledge 10% of profits to funding research into Alzheimer’s and dementia.