We’re excited about the newest flavour of Sci-MX Ultra Whey™, Raspberry Ripple. At BodyPower Expo back in May of this year, Sci-MX gave attendees the chance to vote for their favourite flavour, with Chocolate Peanut Butter and Bannoffee as the other contenders. Over the course of the weekend, Raspberry Ripple came out tops, receiving a whopping 2,508 and 44% of the votes!

The Tropicana team wanted to discover what the hype was all about, so we sampled it, and the results are thus follows; more than half of the workforce tried it, and we would have to unanimously agree with the 2,508 others! So, what can you expect from Ultra Whey? A great texture that mixes really easily. One of its best qualities is that after mixing in a shaker, the contents settles very soon afterward, evading that slightly annoying ‘bubbly’ consistency. It has a subtle scent, and a smooth, fruity flavour with a slightly creamy (but not overpowering) texture. The great thing about this flavour is the authentic, tangy, ever-so-slightly tart aftertaste you get, that’s pleasantly reminiscent of the ice cream flavour.

Are there any drawbacks? This will largely depend on personal preference. For example, if you gear more towards the chocolate-flavoured spectrum of protein, you might find this dessert-like flavour a little too sweet. If fruit is your thing, however, this will tick every box. We mixed this with ice-cold water, as you might do post gym, but a few team members also tried this with milk, which produces a richer texture – perfect for satisfying cravings in between meals!

We’re told by Sci-MX that this is a limited edition flavour, but judging by its awesome, initial reception, we’re hoping it’s here to stay!

We'll be sure to let you know as soon as it's in stock!