Isopure® is an award winning brand, renowned for its products which contain superior quality protein isolate. For more than thirty years, Isopure® have strived to perfect what they stand for – producing a protein that is void of impurities, free from lactose and containing virtually no fat or carbs.

Their premium range includes Cocotein, a ready-to-drink blend of hydrating coconut water and Isopure® protein. Each 470ml RTD delivers 20g of muscle-building protein with 5.1g of naturally occurring BCAAs, and a refreshing flavour to boot. The microfiltration process results in a clean, pure whey protein that appears clear when dissolved in water; perfect for use before, during and after training.

Also featured is Zero Carb, a protein powder with ZERO added sugar that provides an impressive 50g of Isopure® protein per serving. Fortified with vitamins and minerals integral to health, Zero Carb is perfect for the elite trainer, looking for a formula that helps them achieve their best. Also available as an RTD, for ultra convenience.

A lactose and gluten-free weight gaining formula is a rarity, which is why Isopure® Mass is such an amazing find. Featuring 53g of 100% pure whey protein isolate, 86g of carbs and delivering 600 calories per serving, this unique product will help you increase your body mass achievably. It mixes up into a shake that’s not overly sweet and has a perfect consistency (without being too thick). Isopure® Mass contains 11.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs along with 4.9g of l-glutamine serving, helping you to reach your muscle-building goals.