USN have launched two brand new products to assist you in reaching your goals. Firstly, the Diet Whey Meal Replacement Bar is the latest addition to their Weight Control Series. They’re designed to provide nutritional support in two ways: to replace one meal a day of the consumer’s choice, or as a healthy snacking alternative. It can be challenging to plan all meals accordingly, and so replacing the least convenient meal of the day (often breakfast) with a Diet Whey Bar can be a convenient way of helping you stay on track. They provide 22g of protein per bar, along with 18g of carbohydrates – enough to help maintain glycogen stores without leading to weight gain – plus an extensive blend of key vitamins and minerals to help you stay healthy and stand you in good stead to achieving your desired physique. Choose from two flavours: Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry Cream.

Secondly, 100% Pure Leucine ifunctions to assist muscle protein synthesis. Muscle tissue is comprised of roughly one third leucine; exercise impacts available leucine, and so supplementation of such is recommended for anyone who is looking to improve their strength and performance, as well as enhancing their recovery. Leucine is also thought to contribute to oxygen transportation around the body, and so may help to reduce muscle fatigue. Available in easy-to-take capsule format for ultimate convenience!

Diet Whey Bars (12 x 55g) are available to order now; type the following SKUs into the search bar, which will direct you to the relevant page: N279 and N280. Look out for 100% Pure Leucine which will be in-stock soon!