We introduced our YouTube channel back in June, with the intention of bringing you a host of fitness, nutrition and supplement-related material that could support you in reaching your goals. Our videos include product reviews, brought to you by our resident nutritionist and regulatory affairs manager, Mark Gilbert, along with step-by-step workout videos for both the beginner and more advanced gym enthusiast.

Further to the above, to coincide with the launch of our channel, we also put together a team of athletes whose collective expertise compliments our extensive product availability. It’s useful to know what, how and when our sponsored athletes use supplements, as well giving an insight into the type of exercises they do to achieve their physique. Richard Elston, our in-house athlete and store manager, delivers an informative collection of workout videos to help you to stay motivated, whereas Abbie Macey and Gemma Attenborrow provide diverse training techniques to show support to our female customers.

We stock over 2000 products from more than 100 popular brands, with something to assist in every area of health and fitness. Offering a widespread choice of products at a competitive price is signature to the Tropicana Fitness brand, but we wanted to incorporate an interactive feature that would help to improve your existing knowledge regarding sports nutrition products and how they can benefit your training, as well as sustaining general health and well-being.

We’re continuously looking at ways to build our channel and bring you up-to-date product news and reviews, training advice and nutritional knowledge. Look out for brand new videos, coming soon, featuring nutritious recipes, food prep and MORE!

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