As a kid, when you’re mother told you to, “Eat your greens” she advised well; green vegetables deliver nutritional benefits that help to maintain a peak state of health. They’re especially valuable to those who are very active, owing to their unique properties which play an active role in physiological function.

Highly pigmented green vegetables are rich in many different flavonoids which can help protect against the development of heart disease and maintain a healthy immune system, as well as being prime sources of nutrients like folate (folic acid), vitamins C and K, and potassium. There’s good reason why they’re often referred to as ‘superfoods’.

Varieties like kale, spinach and broccoli are readily available and incredibly versatile. Eaten raw or lightly steamed, these can easily be used in salads, stir-fries, casseroles and curries. You can even add green veg to foods that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of: broccoli bread, anyone? Spinach pancakes? They might sound bizarre, but these combinations work surprisingly well, and make for more nutrient-dense versions of their original recipes (plus, this is a cunning way to get children to eat them!). Green smoothies take literally seconds to make in a blender, so you see how it’s relatively simple to incorporate vegetables into all three meals, including breakfast.

When pushed for time, there’s an even simpler way to reap the goodness of green superfoods in your diet. When washing, chopping, blending and other prep. is just too laborious, you'll be pleased to know that Tropicana Fitness stock a range of supergreen products in powder and capsule formats. Get your greens ‘hit’ without the hassle! Try North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Greens, or PhD Greens pH-7, which can be added to water and other foods/beverages during the day. For ultimate convenience, why not opt for Synergy Natural Organic Super Greens Tablets, or One Nutrition Power Greens Capsules.

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-Zoë Martin BSc Human Nutrition (Hons)