Get set for USN® B4-Burn – a pre-workout formula that’s designed JUST for women! With zero beta-alanine, there's no unpleasant 'pins and needles' of the face and ears side effect. Its zero sugar content, along with key ingredients to include green coffee bean extract, TeaCrine® and bitter orange, deliver a thermogenic effect to help you train at your best.

Aspiring to be in great physical shape is the first step; implementing the correct objectives to get you there is the next. B4-Burn will help you to perform at your best. It will support metabolic function and energy expenditure, so you can be assured you reap the rewards of your efforts and achieve your goals timely astutely judiciously. It's also available in two, deliciously refreshing flavours: Pineapple Mango and Pink Lemonade, with Tropicana’s bargain price tag of £34.99! For more details and to order B4-Burn, click on the New Product tab.