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USN Hyperbolic Mass


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USN Hyperbolic Mass


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USN Hyperbolic Mass

USN Hyperbolic Mass weight gainer is available at lowest price in the UK at We offer free delivery on all of the top bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements to UK Mainland and the cheapest rates right across Europe! Check out our special offers page for huge discounts on the biggest brands!

USN Hyperbolic Mass has been scientifically formulated for individuals with a fast metabolism who demand a high level of energy from quality protein and carbohydrates to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy.

The 50g Anabolic Protein Matrix contains high levels of natural Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine. Perhaps among the most beneficial and effective supplements in any sports nutrition program are the BCAA’s, leucine, isoleucine and valine. The combination of these three essential amino acids make up approximately 1/3 of skeletal muscle in the human body, and play an important role in protein synthesis, and thus muscle growth and repair.

Glutamine again is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body and is solely responsible for over 35% of the nitrogen that enters the muscles. Some research may suggest that glutamine has a unique contribution to protein synthesis (muscle growth), anti-proteolytic functions (preventing muscle breakdown) and growth hormone supporting effects. Keeping a consistently high level of circulating growth hormone may allow you to combat any catabolic effects of weight training even further. Glutamine may also play a part in maintaining proper blood glucose levels and the right pH range.

The HyperBolic Hard-gainer stack provides a wide array of other potential muscle-enhancing ingredients like amino acids, ß-alanine, HMB, natural testosterone optimizers, as well as different creatine forms.

HyperBolic Mass has been scientifically designed to help you achieve your calorie intake and muscle-building goals. It provides many positive attributes all delivered in a compact, tasty drink.
Container Size: 2000g
Serving Size: 3 scoops (300g)
Servings Per Container: 6

Container Size: 6000g
Serving Size: 3 scoops (300g)
Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 1113
Protein: 50g
Total Carbohydrates: 220g
-Sugars: 35g
-Dietary Fibre: 1.7g
Fat: 2g
Sodium: 927g
Potassium: 235mg
Phosphorous: 446mg
Magnesium: 47mg
Vitamin A: 375mg (RE)
Vitamin D: 1.9mg
Vitamin E: 3.8mg(TE)
Vitamin C: 23mg
Vitamin B1: 0.5mg
Vitamin B2: 0.6mg
Niacin: 6.8mg
Vitamin B6: 0.8mg
Folic acid: 75mcg
Vitamin B12: 0.4mcg
Biotin: 30mcg
Pantothenic acid: 1.5mg


4-Stage Glyco-Matrix Carb system (Long chain glucose polymers, Dextrose monohydrate, Fructose, Waxy maize starch), 6-Stage Anabolic Protein Matrix [Whey protein concentrate and isolate blend, Ultra purified (water filtrated) high isoflavone soy protein isolate, Calcium caseinate, Micellar casein, Milk protein isolate], Creatine monohydrate, Di-creatine malate, L-glycine, Rice starch, Cocoa powder (only in chocolate variant), Stabilizer: cellulose gum, Taurine, Flavourants, Magnesium oxide, Calcium phosphate, Non-nutritive sweetener: Sucralose, MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, Avena sativa (10:1 extract), Zymatech Lactazyme blend (lactase), L-glutamine, Glutamine peptides, Sodium chloride, Glutamine AKG, HMB, Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine, Beta-Alanine, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) powder, Ascorbic acid, Alpha-tocopherol acetate, Niacin, Calcium pantothenate, Pyridoxine-5-phosphate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Retinol, Folic acid, Cholecalcipherol, Colourant (only in Strawberry variant): E124, Red beet powder, Chromium polynicotinate, Cyanocobalamin.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours
As a dietary supplement, start off by adding 3 level scoops to 375-450ml of cold water or full cream milk, and then move onto 6 level scoops with 750-900ml water/milk after a week.
Reviews (12)

"I've had great gains with this product over the past few months, used immediately after workouts or as a meal replacement on rest days, combined with a healthy, balanced diet. I use half-portions (150G, ~600 cals, 25g protein) to make the tub last longer. Wouldn't consider changing to another product."

Posted by Phil  (21st October 2014)


"Is a good supplement, only a supplement, don't do miracles but helps in gains. The taste "strowberry" is awesome.
I recommend it to all my students that want to get some gain"

Posted by Miguel Pereira  (2nd August 2013)


"tastes great (vanilla) really easy to drink the full serving, saw great gains, highly recommend it"

Posted by gary  (17th December 2012)


"Didn't no what to expect with this product but I was pleasantly suprised. I got great gainers without the bloating stomach or excess fat. I went from 71kg to 78kg while using this product (along with a good diet and training). I had strawberry and it tasted great, word of advice when using a shaker, shake and leave for 5 mins as this will allow it to fully dissolve and make it far easier to drink. overall top product!"

Posted by jonathon milliken  (20th November 2012)


"the serving on this are a bit crazy and i only did 1 shake a day. the next time i use this i will try 2 servings a day.
this has assisted me in gaining weight and maintaining it with a good diet so u can't just rely on this."

Posted by kelroy  (1st December 2011)

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Q Can I take two scoops instead of the recommended three...currently i am on a slow lean bulk....with two scoops, how much protein and carbs can I expect?

From two scoops of Hyperbolic Mass you can expect 34grams of protein and 146grams of carbohyrates. Two scoops is fine to take with this product.

Q hello, i want to gain mass.what do you advice me to drink for better results? usn hyperbolic mass or usn muscle fuel anabolic?

They are both pretty much the same product. Hyperbolic mass just simply has more calories and carbs.

Q hi there i am currently taking maximuscle cyclone and I'm looking to get a weight gainer as well. A couple friends have used hyperbolic mass before and recommended it to me. Will it cause any harm if i use the cyclone and the hyperbolic mass at the same time?

No. perfectly fine.

Q Hi, When is this product available?

We don't have a date yet but we are awaiting shipment any day.

Q Hi, i am goin 2 start my mass gaining program in a months time. I want 2 gain quality mass with hardly any fat. Would u recommend this, muscle fuel anabolic or mutant mass?

If you are going to take a seperate creatine product, then you may want to go with the Mutant Mass. If you aren't taking a seperate creatine product, go with the Anabolic. Ensure to take 2 servings per day (one after training on training days). If you find you are gaining too fast (and you're getting too much fat gain) you can drop one of the servings to 2 scoops. However, be aware that depending upon your training, diet, genetics, etc you have to expect to gain some fat when you gain muscle because you have to eat a lot of calories. for best results, just stay on the gaining cycle for 2 to 4 months and then worry about losing the fat later.

Q Hi, I'm currently using Mass Tech twice a day which is slowly working for me but not as fast as i would like. Would you rate this a better product and is it worth swapping?

You won't find a more effective mass gainer than Mass-Tech. It has the calories, protein and creatine that you need to grow! If you are using 2 full servings of Mass-Tech and you aren't gaining, you must either have a VERY fast metabolism, not be eating too much food or you must be burning a LOT of calories. If it's one of the last two, you need to make some changes. You definitely need to eat more food and possibly do less cardio or whatever activities that are burning so many extra calories.

Q i am 46 been training hard 4 5 times a week not taking any suppliments i weigh 16 8 and 6 5 need to put something back in to my muscle but dont want to get fat will this be ok

You have to accept that to gain muscle you will probably gain some fat due to the requirenment for more calories to build muscle. You must build muscle first and then worry about stripping the fat afterwords. Just don't gain too quickly and you shouldn't put on too much fat. Aim for 1 or 2 lbs per week after the first week or two. Hyperbolic Mass is a quality weight gainer and contains creatine and other ingredients. Start off taking a half serving twice daily and adjust based upon your gains.

Q I'm 21 5ft6 and weigh 10.7 and I want I want to bulk up would you recommend hyperbolic mass or whey protein?

BOTH - Hyperbolic is a calorie dense shake which will help you meet your daily calorie needs for putting on mass. You can use whey protein with or in-between meals as a protein booster.

Q there are so many products to choose from and i have no idea what to get. what would be a good stack to take for gaining size or would it be better just getting a all in one product like hyperbolic. thanks

If your new to using supplements the an all-in-one would be perfect. Start with this as it has everything you need for gaining mass.

Q what do you suggest this product (hyperbolic mass) or maxmimuscle cyclone? for better result and to gain more muscle?

Hyperbolic contains much higher carbs and calories per serving so may be better for gaining mass quicker.

Q What is the source of USN Hyperbolic mass?Is it animal based or vegetarian?

Judging by the ingredients, I would say that more than likely, this is suitable for vegetarians, but as this is not stated on the product’s label, I would say this cannot be guaranteed.  Also, please bear in mind that Hyperbolic Mass is likely to be manufactured in an environment which also handles ingredients such as CLA (of which can be of animal origin) and fish oils.

Q Hi, is this product suitable for a coeliac diet. As i really need help to gain weight. Also can it be mixed with water.

Hi Khris, This product contains glutamine peptides (high in gluten) and "long chain glucose polymers", which is probably maltodextrin - usually a sorce of gluten. I've looked and can't find any gainers which are gluten free...even the vegan ones. I think your best course of action is to use a protein powder and mix with a gluten-free source of carbs, like glucose, sugar, gluten-free oats, gluten-free maltodextrin (a combination of several of these would be best from a flavour and fibre persepective). You could also add some healthy fat like virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc. Hope that's helpful !

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